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Here at Pet Adoption and Sales it is all about the pets. We are more about pet Rescue and Adoption than Sales but recognise there is still a place for Ethical pet sales when done in a way that puts the pets before the money.

Recent pet listings

Wooly Husky (Male & Female)

Urgent Priority listingPrivate seller
  • For sale
  • Siberian husky, 2 months old
  • Pure breed
  • Not registered, Not desexed
  • Male & female available
  • Jalan tropicana, SGR 47410

2 months old wooly huskies for sale (siblings)

Female puppy up for adoption

Urgent Priority listingPrivate seller
  • For adoption
  • Mixed, 5 months old
  • Mixed breed
  • Not registered, Not desexed
  • Female
  • Taman pelangi, JHR 80400

5 months old Mixed colours with black, brown & white Female Unsprayed Willing to pay for spray Immediate adopters only Local breed

Male toy poodle puppy for sale

Urgent Priority listingPrivate seller
  • For sale
  • Poodle toy, 1 months old
  • Pure breed
  • Registered, Not desexed
  • Male
  • Lintang gelugor, PNG 11600

Im selling off a toy poodle male month old, done first deworming... comes with cage, dog bowl, dog bowl, medication and food... interested pls pm me 011-12820113 or 016-9460649